Plugin Hooks in Flounder

Flounder has 3 filters, which you can use in your child theme or plugin just like core WordPress hooks. Hooks let you as a developer interact with Flounder’s configuration more than you can through the admin UI. For more information & code examples, check out the WordPress Codex page on the “Plugin API” (which can be used in themes too, despite the name).



$attachment_size = apply_filters( 
    array( $content_width, $content_width ) 


This filter controls the dimensions (width x height) of the image shown on the attachment page.


apply_filters( 'flounder_custom_header_args', $args );


This filter controls the default arguments sent to add_theme_support for the Custom Header feature. You can use this to update the default color, image, etc. You can also use this to override the header display function, if you want to control the HTML output. (Note: “Header”, here, refers to the site title in the circle).


apply_filters( 'flounder_show_title', $show_title );


This filter controls the conditions on which the post title is shown. By default, the title is not shown on link, quote, aside, or status post formats, unless we’re viewing that post directly.


Currently, there are no action hooks. If you think we should add one, let us know.