Social Menus in our themes

Creating a social menu is simple. In your admin, navigation to Appearance -> Menus, and click the “Create a new menu” link at the top of the page.

Name your menu something like “Social Menu” and click the “Create Menu” button.

Next, using the “Links” box on the side of the screen, add a link to the social media account you’d like to show up in your menu. Add as many social media links as you’d like.

When you’re done adding social networks, select the “Social Links” checkbox under the “Menu Settings” section.

Finally, click the “Save Menu” button. This will create your new social menu, which shows up to the right of your primary navigation bar.

Please note: this location is the only place your social links will show up as icons. The social icons will not work as a custom menu widget.

Our themes support the following social networks:

  • codepen
  • digg
  • dribbble
  • dropbox
  • facebook
  • flickr
  • github
  • googleplus
  • instagram
  • linkedin
  • path
  • pinterest
  • pocket
  • polldaddy
  • reddit
  • skype
  • stumbleupon
  • tumblr
  • twitter
  • vimeo
  • wordpress
  • youtube